KAIST Breakthroughs

Fall 2019

New neurotools for non-invasive brain stimulation of freely-moving mice


Fabricated flexible silk fibroin memristor arrays

CMUT for chemical sensor​

CMUT for chemical sensor​

Light-based closed-loop diabetes microneedle

Mouse brain stimulation using CMUT ring array


  • KAIST Breakthroughs Fall 2019 기술 선정

  • 2019 Transducers Invited Talk

  • 2019 IEEE ISSCC Invited Talk

  • 조예현 학사과정, URP 최우수상 수상

  • 김성연 석사과정, 2018 EMBS Geographic Finalist 선정 및 SPC 3rd prize 수상

Recent Publications

Plugging electronics into minds: recent trends and advances in neural interface microsystems

M. K. Kim, H. Jeon, H. J. Lee, and M. Je*

IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine (2019) [ link NEW

Multifunctional multi-shank neural probe for investigating and modulating long-range neural circuits in vivo

H. Shin, Y. Son, U. Chae, J. Kim, N. Choi, H. J. Lee, J. Woo, Y. Cho, S. H. Yang, C. J. Lee, and I.-J. Cho*

Nature Communications (2019) [ link NEW

Safety of transcranial focused ultrasound stimulation: a systematic review of the state of knowledge from both human and animal studies

C. Pasquinelli, L. G. Hanson, H. Siebner, H. J. Lee, and A. Thielscher

Brain Stimulation (2019) [ link NEW

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