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Advanced Functional Materials


Artifact-Free 2D Mapping of Neural Activity In Vivo through Transparent Gold Nanonetwork Array



Fabricated flexible silk fibroin memristor arrays

CMUT for chemical sensor​

CMUT for chemical sensor​

Light-based closed-loop diabetes microneedle

Mouse brain stimulation using CMUT ring array


  • KAIST Breakthroughs Fall 2019 기술 선정 ("Readers' Choice Award" 선정)

  • 2019 Transducers Invited Talk

  • 2019 IEEE ISSCC Invited Talk

  • 조예현 학사과정, 2018 Summer/Fall URP 최우수상 수상

  • 김성연 석사과정, 2018 EMBS Geographic Finalist 선정 및 SPC 3rd prize 수상

Recent Publications

Artifact-free 2D mapping of neural activity in vivo through transparent gold nanonetwork array

J.-W. Seo, K. Kim, K.-W. Seo, M. K. Kim, S. Jeong, H. Kim, J.-W. Ghim, J. H. Lee, N. Choi, J.-Y. Lee*, and H. J. Lee*

Advanced Functional Materials 2000896 (2020) [ link NEW, Featured as Front Cover 

Fabrication of highly dense silk fibroin biomemristor array and Its resistive switching characteristics

G. Kook, S. Jeong, M. K. Kim, S. Lee, N. Choi, and H. J. Lee*

Material Technologies 5(4), 1900991 (2020) [ link NEW

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